Ways to Give

Option 1 - Electronic Funds Transfer

*Thank you for donating, we appreciate you support!

Banking Details:

Bank: Investec

Account Type: CCM Call Money Fund

Account Name: CABSA Christian AIDS Bureau for Southern Africa

Account No: 50008634626

Branch Code: 580105

Client Reference: Donation

NPO Reg No: 019387

Option 2 - Debit Order

Be one in 1000: Regular donations create sustainability and peace of mind.

Donate to our cause by setting up a debit order where you can determine the frequency of the debit order. If CABSA has 1000 partners who commit R100 per month, we can provide our free services to enrich and support local churches in their response to HIV. (You can off course donate any amount and larger donations will be very welcome!)

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*Thank you for donating, we appreciate you support!

Option 3 - GivenGain

Donate through our GivenGain Platform.

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Option 4 - PayFast

Donate through our Payfast Platform.

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Option 5 - Fee for Service

CABSA can present tailor-made or standard training and workshops for organisations, networks and congregations. This helps us be sustainable. Contact Lyn for more details.

Option 6 - Loot

CABSA can also benefit when you register as client on Loot.co.za. For every client who registers and makes an order through this link only CABSA receives a small referral fee. You can also register as referrer, receive referral fees and increase the benefit to CABSA.

Option 7 - In Kind Support

We would also appreciate your "in kind" support: Donate your bonus miles, sponsor a rental vehicle, sponsor paper or ink for our printer etc etc. Contact Lyn for mor details

You can also participate in the work of CABSA by becoming a Friend of CABSA, a prayer partner, and by donating goods and services. Read more...